Course Launch

You found a gap in your industry. You’ve built a course you’re people will love. Now it’s time to launch. But your head is spinning wiht all the details. You try to tackle one small task, like testing the payment button on your sales funnel, and it takes hours and many YouTube videos later before you finally get it done. And now you’re too mentally exhausted to even look at the next item on your launch to-do list. And that’s where I come in. 

All the Little Details

I LOVE swooping in like your virtual Wonder Woman and taking care of all the little backend tech and admin details that come along with a launch. When I provide launch support, I make sure that your payment buttons work, your welcome emails fire off without incident, and no student is left behind (wonding how to login to the course or get into the secret Facebook group). You can focus on what you do best. You can stay high touch where it matters, while I take care of the rest. 

Service Features


There can be lots of moving pieces within a launch. I will support you in connecting all of the programs that support your course launch, whether that’s your email marketing platform, webinar platform, sales funnel, website, social media accounts, or project management software. All moving parts will work together smoothly.


Many of my clients prefer to launch very high touch programs. That might mean personalized welcome emails, group Zoom calls, or an active Facebook group. But, in order to remain high touch in the areas that matter, you need automations in all the other areas. I will set up your automations, so that everything runs smoothly on the backend of your launch, so that you can be present on the front end.

Facebook Ads

You’ve created the course of your dreams. I guarantee that someone right now needs what you created. But if they don’t know about it, they can’t buy it. I 100% believe in organic marketing. I also believe that Facebook Ads can be a powerful asset to your launch as well. It’s really up to you and your specific marketing needs. If Facebook Ads are right for you and your launch, I will set up and manage your Facebook Ads, because you don’t want to learn one more thing in order to have a successful launch.


On-Demand Support

When customer service stafus happen, when tech fails, when Mercury is in retrograde, you don’t have time to wait. You want it handled NOW. You want your students to feel loved. You want payments processed. You want things to just work. Reality is that things don’t always work. But that doesn’t mean that you should be left hanging off a cliff waiting on an answer to your support ticket. I LOVE being able to save the day, swooping in like your Virtual Fairy Launch Mother. I prioritize your launch. You will not be left hanging.

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