Course Strategy

The questions you’ve hopefully asked yourself are, what content do my people need? Where is the gap in my industry? That’s honestly the most important sticking point when it comes to creating a course. Do people need what I want to create? But there are lots of questions that keep my clients from creating their course. What platform should I use? What order to these modules need to go in? Is this really one course or more than one? Is this really enough content for a course? Is this too much content for a course? Do I need a Facebook group to go with my course? So many questions.

But…RIGHT NOW…Somebody needs your course. And these questions are keeping you stuck. That’s why I offer course strategy.

From Idea to Launch

When you work with me on your course strategy, you get unstuck, and your people get the course they’ve been waiting for. We will choose the best platform for you and your students. You’ll stop worrying about how everything connects and whether this platform integrates with that email provider. You can stop your endless Google searches and indecision and move forward.

Service Features


You’ve Googled. You’ve asked in all your favorite Facebook groups. There are so many options when it comes to platform. And everyone seeems to like someting different. There are a lot of factors that go into what makes a good course platform. What works for one person, may not be your best option. During our strategy session, I’ll get a really good idea of what you like, what you need, what your students need, and your price point, and I’ll combine all of that with all of my experience in building lots of very different courses, and I’ll help you decide on the best platform for YOUR course.

User Experience

When your students have a great user experience, they complete your course. They leave great reviews. They tag you when someone says they need help with sales, or email marketing, or yoga, or their health, or…(insert your area of expertise here). They become repeat customers. They sign up for your next course. They want to work one-on-one with you. You’ve already got great content. If your students engage and compelete your course, they will walk away changed. Our strategy sessions will cover how to create that engaging user experience.


One thing my clients worry about is how everything will fit together. You’re not sure if you need a course platform and a funnel. Do you need automations or is it easier to just do some things manually? When we work on strategy together, we’ll start with a strategy call to go over everything you and your students need and want. I’ll of course recommend a course platform. But I’ll also help you put together all the pieces and to know what other software is needed or not needed. 


Final Audit

Once your course is all set up and looking fabulous on your chosen platform, I’ll do a final audit. I will let you know where I see gaps, where your students might feel lost. I’ll make sure you love what you see. We’ll schedule a screen share video call, where we can walk through your course together and get a real feel for what your students will experience. I’ll share my final thoughts and recommendations. You’ll share your final thoughts and recommendations. We’ll mark with our final stamp of approval before it launches into the world.

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