Done-for-You Course Set Up

You can build your own course. 

You can pick a platform, watch the tutorial videos, create the slides, make some pretty pdfs, upload the videos, test all the links….

But, honestly, you just want to hand it over and have it done for you. 

Lucky for you, building courses is what I LOVE to do.

Service Features

Platform Set Up

You’ve seen those pretty courses. The ones where everything is on-brand. They have the nice thumbnails. Each module is laid out well. Everything looks so professional. That will be your course. You’ve already got the content. I will set up your course platform so that your content shines.



Every course is different, but if you do have downloadable content that needs to be made into pretty PDFs, I’ve got your back.


Content Migration

Many of my clients have already beta tested their course on another platform. Whether your content is hanging out in a Facebook group or a Trello board or even in an email sequence, I can move it onto a professional coure platform. All of your course content will be in one place, looking good, and ready to start making you money.


Course Updates

Just because you hit publish and start making sales doesn’t mean you’re done. Whether you’ve got a course that just needs some work or you have a group program that requires regular additions to your course content, I’d love to support you and make sure everything is kept up-to-date.

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