What I Do

I help you to launch the course of your dreams by providing strategy (so your students have an amazing experience and give great testimonials), building your course (so you never have to step outside your zone of genius), and connecting all the backend tech (so you never have to worry about customner service mishaps).

My Philosophy

I believe that you have a course in you. And I believe that someone, right now, needs your course. I also believe in pretty courses and great student experiences. And, of course, I believe that you should be able to focus on what you do so well. Which is why I believe in taking all the other course details off your plate and making your course dreams a reality.

My Methods

You provide the content for your course. Often, this can be content that you’ve curated, so you don’t need to build something from scratch. I provide course strategy sessions, done-for-you course set up, and backend tech and administrative support for your course launch. I promise, you already have a course in you. I’ll help you bring it all together. 

My Goals

My goal is to luanch your course as quickly as possible. Someone needs your course now, so I want to build it now. I want your students to love your course. My goal is for you to get great testimonials, referrals, and return clients. My goal is for all of this to happen without you ever having to do anything that you don’t love. 


You have a course in you. People need what you have. But putting it all together, setting up a course platform, figuring out new tech, and making it all look pretty can be overwhelming. You could do it. But it will take you out of your zone of genius. No worries. Because I LOVE building courses. Courses are my zone of genius.


You want your people to LOVE your course.  Why? Because happy students lead to good testimonials. And referrals. And students who sign up for your next group program or one-on-one offer. I offer strategy sessions so that your course goes beyond just covering all of your expert knowledge and also ensures a great user experience form enrollment button to raving review.


All of the details that go into actually launching and selling a course can be overwhelming. And what a time suck. I take care of all the little details. I make sure that your sales page connects seamlessly to your course enrollment. Your course enrollment connects seamlessly to your email welcome series. Nobody's going to click "buy" and wonder what's supposed to happen next.

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